EFFIA supports local authorities in their efforts to enhance the attractiveness of city centres. We implement a parking policy to optimise the rotation of vehicles and achieve smoother traffic flow. We have acquired on-street expertise over 40 years that ensures increased reliability of payments and control of parking in car parks fitted with meters.

Key on-street figures

50 000
managed parking spaces
500 Km
of roads
40 years
of on-street control
sworn agents

The advantages of on-street parking decriminalization

FOR COMMUNITIES: increase the appeal of city-centres.

  • A flexible pricing policy to promote the rotation of vehicles by limiting the saturation of traffic lanes.
  • Services offered to drivers to facilitate the payment of parking fares.
  • Enforcement solutions to increase compliance of parking fare payment.
  • Promote sustainable mobility to preserve the quality of lives of local residents.


FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: Increase attractiveness of points of sale

  • A policy of economic stakes conceived with the associations to promote the occupation of available parking spaces.
  • Solutions offered to merchants to increase their turnover.
  • A promotion of local shops to revitalise city centres, tourist centres and residential neighbourhoods.



Our technical know-how

EFFIA implements tailor-made solutions

  1. Pricing Policy • Advice offered in establishing rates that are adapted to each city's travel policies.
  2. Parking meters Maintenance, upgrade and replacement of equipment.
  3. Payment • Implementation of solutions: mobile, parking meter, internet, parking welcome office
  4. Customer software • Specific on-street parking tool: online subscription, rights management, dispute...
  5. Control • Optimisation of the compliance rate thanks to an inspection of license plates carried out by an agent and/or a vehicle equipped with cameras.
  6. Back-office operation • Collection, revenue management, recovery and processing of Compulsory Preliminary Administrative Appeals (RAPO by its French acronym)
  7. Human Resources • Regular training to support EFFIA employees and communities in all aspects of management of on-street parking.



On-street FAQ

  • What is the FPS (Penalty Charge Notice) ?

    The reform of paid parking on roadways is characterised by the passage from a criminal organization, identical at the national level (with a fixed fine of €17) to a local organization with the creation of an occupancy fee for the public domain.

    can pay his right to park on-street . The driver can do this, either at the start of the parking session (immediate payment) or later, with an FPS (Penalty Charge Notice).

    Each community determines its post-parking package. Unlike immediate payment receipts, allocated to the general budget, the law stipulates that FPS proceeds are used to finance projects to improve urban travel.

  • I no longer have a ticket to affix on the inside of windshield, how can the agent verify that I'm in good standing?

    You will need to enter your license plate number when paying by parking meter or via the mobile application. The control agents can thus via a portable terminal, scan the license plates and check if the vehicle is in good standing.

    The ticket issued by the parking meter is a proof of payment

  • Can I receive multiple FPS during the same day?

    Yes, a new FPS can be established at the end of the maximum authorised parking time: check the zone-specific parking conditions in the cities where you park.

    Example: 2H max in orange zone and 10H max in green zone - so it is possible to receive up to 5 FPS per day.

  • How can I pay for an FPS?

    If you settle your FPS within 72 hours, you will receive a reduced FPS (Penalty Charge Notice). This amount is defined by each community. This amount is payable via:

    • the jemegare.fr website
    • the mobile application offered in the city
    • the parking meter
    • at the parking welcome office


    Otherwise, you will receive a payment notice by mail sent by the ANTAI (National Agency for the Automated Treatment of Offences). The amount already paid on the parking meter or on mobile is deducted from the amount of the FPS (Penalty Charge Notice), if it has been paid during the same time period as the established FPS. You have three months from the ANTAI notification to settle your FPS.

  • What happens if I do not pay my FPS in three months?

    After three months, you will receive an enforceable title with a mark-up on the basic FPS. The FPS becomes "forced recovery" and a 20% increase of the FPS amount is added to the FPS amount (with a minimum amount of €50).

    If you pay in the month following the date of the enforcement order, you will receive a 20% discount on the increase amount accruing to the State.

  • How can I challenge an FPS ?

    You file a RAPO either by mail or on the website jemegare.fr and you must attach a copy:

    • the FPS payment notice
    • the vehicle registration certificate
    • as well as any other document of proof (copy of a digital ticket, photo ...)