EFFIA, the smart move !

EFFIA’s mission is to facilitate travel. We place our business at the very heart of mobility issues.

We provide on-street and off-street parking management solutions for our public and private clients (communities, train stations, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.).

We always ensure that our car parks are tied to the local economy and are part of a digital journey, thus providing our end customers an ever more fluid experience.

EFFIA’s network is growing year on year. Today we manage nearly 600 car parks, making us a leading parking player in France and Belgium.

264 000
parking spaces
car parks
1 055
M€ (2020)

Our DNA: mobility, services and customer proximity

Parking, an essential link in the mobility chain

Urban mobility is changing. Car trips are regulated within city centres to limit congestion and pollution. As a stakeholder within the parking sector, EFFIA supports these changes with a view to becoming more than a mere vehicle storage facility. Car parks are gradually being transformed to fit into the mobility chain in alignment with Keolis Group’s vision.

EFFIA implements alternative solutions to the traditional use of the car in order to promote the multi-modal nature and complementarity of parking with public transport networks, car sharing, carpool and “soft” modes of transport.


Our references

Many cities or urban communities trust us to manage their parking needs.

A leader in train station parking, EFFIA works on behalf of SNCF Gares & Connexions and SNCF Réseau. 

EFFIA also has expertise with hospital parking. We implement a special approach for these types of institutions, taking into account the particular needs of the various users (medical staff, patients, visitors, etc).

EFFIA also occasionally works with private landlords, shopping centre managers and real estate developers who are looking for professional expertise in terms of sizing, financing or operating parking spaces..


Management team


40 years of experience