For your regular or punctual trips to Paris, park your car in EFFIA car parks !

The EFFIA car parks are present in the biggest Parisian trains stations: "Gare Montparnasse", "Gare du Nord", "Gare de Lyon", "Gare de l'Est" ...

Our car parks allow you to reach the platforms with ease. Most of our car parks are equipped with an exit allowing you to reach directly the platforms of the station.

Do you want to visit tourist places like the "Champs Elysees"" Eiffel Tower", "Notre Dame" "Opera House"?  Remember to book online the car park.

If you are a resident and / or you have a regular need for parking in Paris, find a subscription in one of our 20 referenced Parisian car parks. You can subscribe from 50 euros / month for parking 24/7. EFFIA also welcomes motorcycles and scooters and has designed specific free services for 2-wheelers, such as equipment guarding.